HAPPY NEW YEAR BASHERS!  I am so excited to welcome in 2023 with genuine, authentic energy and workouts.  We are real women designing real workouts for real lifestyles.  In 2023, we want to simplify the way our society views health and fitness and show you through BASH that you can get the results you desire through our programs without beating your body up or extreme diets. Beth’s BASH Blogs will center around these topics in the upcoming months!

Beth’s BASH vibe on New Year’s Resolutions: Through out the word Resolutions . . . We are going to make solid pinky promises with ourselves this year!


  1. MOVEMENT:  Movement is incredibly important.  Movement enables a high quality of life that enables you to do joyful fun activities.  So, if we don’t move, we stagnate. It takes energy to make energy.  The more we move, the more our bodies will want to move. My goal is for you to enjoy the amazing benefits movement has for your body, mind, mood and life, and most importantly, to do it in a way you enjoy!
  2. HYDRATION: Hydration is such a simple thing to do and yet so easy to forget to do.  When you are hydrated, you’re a better, healthier you. It energizes us, helps our skin glow and aids with digestion.  Water flushes out toxins and helps decrease bloating. Our body is composed mostly of water, so if you think about anything from our joints to our blood, water is the key component to make sure everything is working properly. If water consumption seems like a chore to you, my goal for you is to take small sips of water all throughout the day that will add up to the recommended ounces of daily water intake.
  3. BALANCED ROUTINE: Often without a sense of balance in your routine, what you’ve been neglecting catches up with you.  Tight muscles, weak muscles, and a lack of general fitness can hold you back from achieving your best and contribute to poor physical health or potential injuries. I find balance in my routine by mixing up my workouts so that my body is continuously guessing what’s next. That’s why the BASH fitness programs are so effective.  We never repeat a workout and if you do the full program each week, you have to opportunity to change up your class routines each day!

My goal for you is to commit to whatever BASH program you are on and make your classes a priority each week no matter what is potentially keeping you from your workouts.  Make a fitness appointment with yourself and honor yourself enough to not cancel on you!

  1. MENTAL HEALTH: Mental Health is just as important if not more than physical health. Without good metal health, it’s hard to enjoy our physical health.  Strong mental health requires regular upkeep.  For me, fitness is my mental therapy.  A workout can change my bad mood to good.  A walk can lift my spirits.  A bike ride can leave me feeling accomplished and whole.  I never have a workout I regret.  Ever.  BASH fitness is a family of like -minded, kind and uplifting women who are a community where you should never feel alone in your journey.  My goal for you is to prioritize your mental health through fitness and BASH friendships.
  2. HEALTHY EATING: Eating healthy is an incredible way to fuel your body for exercise and life. When you give your body the nutrients it needs you have better mental focus, clarity, and productivity, but it also gives you the energy to accomplish a variety of tasks throughout the day.  We all know how hard it is to choose the health stuff over the yummy stuff but it’s all in moderation.  My rule of thumb is to keep it simple and eat clean.  This means 90 percent of the time, eat grilled proteins and veggies.  Then 10 percent of the time, eat the stuff that might not be the best option, but keeps your mind and taste buds satisfied.  My goal for you is to put your mind on those choices and make conscious efforts to choose wisely with your mind, instead of your inner voice of indulgence.
  3. GOAL SETTING: Goal setting is valuable because without it we just drift in our fitness programs.  When you have a goal, you have direction. It gives you intention, mindfulness and accountability.  You will be amazed at the changes your mind and body will accomplish through committed goal intentions. My goal for you is to set clear intentions for the next three months and stick to them through BASH accountability.

XOXO, Beth

Beth Allen